A Vigil for Roselle

Roselle Derequito recently passed this past month, and our chapter held a candlelight vigil to commemorate her influence at the University of Florida and greater community. The candlelight vigil was on January 13th, 2017. Many sisters as well as friends and loved ones came out to support and honor Roselle.

Roselle Derequito was a sister of the Gamma Class, crossed Fall 2010, of alpha Kappa Delta Phi. She held numerous positions within our chapter, ranging from Reveal Coordinator to Academic Chair, and held an even greater influence in our community through her various involvements in the Filipino Student Association, Red Cross Association, and more.

More so, she was a sister who touched the lives of many. She never stopped showing how kind she was and how beautiful her soul really was. She impacted so many lives and our chapter in so many ways. Her passion for aKDPhi and others was endless. Our love for her will last forever. Thank you for everything, Roselle.

See you later, Roselle.

You will always be in our hearts.

#41 Roselle “S.A.V.V.Y.” Derequito


One Response to “A Vigil for Roselle”

  1. Ying "H❤neyB" Zheng

    Sincere condolences. It is heartbreaking to hear such devastating news. Sending lots of prayers to your chapter from mine as you all go through this hard time.

    #105 Ying “H❤neyB” Zheng
    Purdue University Colony Chapter