In this sisterhood, we celebrate our hardworking and ambitious sisters. This page serves not only as our record of involvement in the community but also as our way of noting the legacy of a sister’s leadership roles and achievements through aKDPhi.

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Chapter Recognition

Achievement Awards

Highest Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at aKDPhi Southeast Sisterhood Conference (2016)
Top 3 Highest GPA at aKDPhi Southeast Sisterhood Conference (2016)
Council Chapter of the Year (2016)
Highest Council GPA (2016)
Council Chapter of the Year (2015)
Highest Council Chapter GPA (2015)
Outstanding Philanthropy (2013)
Council Chapter of the Year (2011)

Creative Awards

Best Paddles at aKDPhi Southeast Sisterhood Conference (2011)

Performance Awards

First Place Sorority at Southeast APIA Unity Mixer Stroll Competition (2015)
First Place Sorority at Southeast APIA Unity Mixer Stroll Competition (2013)
First Place Sorority at Southeast APIA Unity Mixer Stroll Competition (2012)
First Place with Beta Chi Theta at Lambda Theta Alpha Talent Show (2012)
First Place with Omega Delta Phi at Lambda Theta Alpha Talent Show (2011)

Spirit Awards

GEICO School Spirit Championship Prize (2013)
Most Spirited Chapter at UF Greek Week (2011)
Winner of Victoria’s Secret PINK Battle of the Greeks Contest (2011)
First Place at Theta Nu Xi Scavenger Hunt (2011)


Host Chapter at alpha Kappa Delta Phi Southeast Sisterhood Rally (2016)
Host Chapter at alpha Kappa Delta Phi Southeast Sisterhood Rally (2011)

Professional Network


University of Florida Graduate Program in Occupational Therapy: Kathleen Contreras
University of Florida Graduate Program in Physical Therapy: Eleyn Fangonilo
Florida International University Program Physician Assistant: Monica Tirtarahardja
Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine:
 Katie Boylan
Florida Atlantic University Masters in Biomedical Sciences: Monica Tirtarahardja
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Architecture: Katie Chu
Nova Southeastern University Physicians Assistant Program: Rebecca Tam
Seton Hall University Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology: Joyce Alilio
Syracuse University Graduate Program in Audiology: Aimee Alilio
University of Florida College of Dentistry: Ann Hoang
University of Florida College of Medicine: Florence Luong
University of Florida College of Nursing: Teresa Truong
University of Florida College of Nursing: Amy Nguyen
University of Florida College of Nursing: Tiffany Chiu
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Jessica Truong
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Nicole Meretsky
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Kara Ramos
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Isabel Won
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Dan-Tam Nguyen
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Jessi Vo
University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Tina Wang
University of Florida Doctor of Physical Therapy Program: Christina Chan-Pong
University of Florida Graduate Program in Family, Youth and Community Sciences: Whitney Fung
University of Florida Graduate Program in Physical Therapy: Ari Garay
University of Florida Graduate Program in Public Health: Alyssa Wang
University of Florida Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology: Jen Vu
University of Florida Masters in Health Administration Program: Klea Jampasar
University of Miami School of Nursing: Cecelia Truong
University of Miami School of Nursing: Michelle Jimenez
University of South Florida College of Behavioral and Community Sciences: Sandy Au Yeung
William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine: Greta Gania


Accenture: Vanessa Kwong, Helen Shin
Bento Cafe: Samantha Lai
KPMG: Vanessa Kwong
Macy’s: Sabrina Chan-Pong
Public Financial Management: Vanessa Kwong Oanh Nguyen
GE- Edison Engineering Development Program: Irene Ng

Leadership on Campus


World AIDS Day Director (2008-2009): Whitney Fung

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

Junior Trio Representative (2011-2012): Caity Soriano

Asian American Student Union (AASU)

President (2014-2015): Stephanie Wong
AASA Show Director (2015): Monisa Lu
AASA Show Director (2015): Elizabeth Nguyen
AASA Show Director (2007): Vanessa Kwong
AASA Tech Head (2016): Jessica Nguyen
AASA Multimedia Head (2015):Arianne Lazaro
AASA Programming Head (2015): Havi Tran
Co-President (2009-2010): Vanessa Kwong
Internal Vice President (2010-2011): Alyssa Wang
Internal Vice President (2008-2009): Vanessa Kwong
Internal Vice President (2007-2008): Bowie Stephens
External Vice President (2007-2008): Vanessa Kwong
Vice President of Education (2009-2010): Alyssa Wang
Treasurer (2011-2012): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Treasurer (2009-2010): Bowie Stephens
Secretary (2011-2012): Marsha Vongjesda
Secretary (2010-2011): Monica Tirtarahardja
Campus Affairs Chair (2008-2009): Alyssa Wang
Service Chair (2010-2011): Dianna Yan
Indian Students Association Liaison (2010-2011): Cecelia Truong
Music Fest Director (2017): Nikki Nguyen
Music Fest Co-Director (2016): Areille Marigomen
Music Fest Co-Director (2016): Monica Ouano
Music Fest Co-Director (2014): Van Hoang
Music Fest Co-Director (2013): Christina Chan-Pong
Music Fest Co-Director (2012): Christina Chan-Pong
Music Fest PR Head (2015): Havi Tran
Advocacy Chair (2012-2013): Stephanie Wong
Olympics Director (2016): Athena Wong

Asian Kaleidoscope Month (AKM/K-Month)

Executive Director (2016): Havi Tran
Executive Director (2015): Vivian Nguyen
Executive Director (2014): Alice Zhang
Executive Director (2013): Isabel Won
Assistant Director (2018): Arianne Lazaro
Assistant Director (2007): Vanessa Kwong
Director of Advertising (2013): Alice Zhang
Director of Advertising (2011): Alyssa Wang
Director of Archiving (2013): Lien Tracy Dang
Director of Multimedia (2012): Julienne Somera
Director of Recording (2010): Irene Ng
Director of Programming (2016): Monica Ouano
Director of Programming (2015): Van Hoang
Director of Programming (2012): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Director of Promotions (2017): Audrey Ogoc
Director of Promotions (2007): Bowie Stephens
Closing Ceremony Co-Director (2018): Jennifer Xiao
Closing Ceremony Co-Director (2013): Jessica Truong
Closing Ceremony Co-Director (2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Fashion Show Co-Director (2017): Erika Dennison
Fashion Show Co-Director (2016): Alexandra Go
Fashion Show Co-Director (2014): April Rutherford
Fashion Show Co-Director (2012): Sarah Otsuka
Food Festival Co-Director (2014): Vivian Nguyen
Food Festival Co-Director (2012): Isabel Won
Food Festival Co-Director (2012): Jessica Truong
Food Festival Co-Director (2010): Marsha Vongjesda
Food Festival Co-Director (2008): Rebecca Tam
Food Festival Co-Director (2008): Whitney Fung
Mr. & Miss AASU Pageant Co-Director (2012): Tina Wang
Talent Show Co-Director (2013): Fiona Chai
Talent Show Co-Director (2010): Cecelia Truong
Multimedia Committee (2012): Alice Zhang
Webmaster (2010): Kevina Lee
Creative Director (2015): 
Kathy Ngo

Chinese American Student Association (CASA)

President (2008-2009): Samantha Lai
Co-External Vice President (2011-2012): Isabel Won
Co-Events Coordinator (2009-2010): Michelle Jimenez
Historian (2009-2010): Oanh Nguyen
Webmaster (2010-2011): Kevina Lee

Filipino Student Association (FSA)

President (2018-2019): Sara Marigomen
Vice President of Internal Affairs (2015-2016): Dana Dolores
Vice President of Mass Communications (2017-2018): Sara Marigomen
Vice President of Membership (2018-2019): Jennifer Estrellado
Vice President of Multimedia (2018-2019): Erika Dennison
Vice President of External Affairs (2018-2019): Alyssa Estrellado
Rush/Recruitment Chair (2018-2019): Hailey DeRigo
Rush/Recruitment Chair (2017-2018): Jennifer Estrellado
Rush/Recruitment Chair (2015-2016): Monica Ouano
Rush/Recruitment Chair (2014-2015): Nicole Orlino
Mass Communications Chair (2018-2019): Celina Wong
Mass Communications Chair (2014-2015): Nancy Yeung
Multimedia Chair (2017-2018): Erika Dennison
Cultural Chair (2012-2013): Roselle Derequito
Cultural Chair (2011-2012): Klea Jampasar
Dance Coordinator (2017-2018): Audrey Ogoc
Dance Coordinator (2013-2014): Dana Dolores
Barrio Fiesta Committee (2014): Nicole Orlino
Barrio Fiesta Committee (2013): Angie Llanos
Barrio Fiesta Committee (2012): Regina Javier
Def Talent Jam Director (2015): Dana Dolores
Def Talent Jam Assistant Director (2018): Audrey Ogoc
Def Talent Jam Assistant Director (2015): Nicole Orlino
Def Talent Jam Assistant Director (2014): Reena Martinez
Def Talent Jam Stage Manager (2012): Roselle Derequito
Def Talent Jam Programming Co-Head (2017): Korinna Abejuela
Def Talent Jam Multimedia Co-Head (2017): Claire Generato
Def Talent Jam Committee (2016): Korinna Abejuela
Def Talent Jam Committee (2012): Angie Llanos
Def Talent Jam Committee (2011): Roselle Derequito

Freshman Leadership Program (FLP)

Co-Assistant Director (2014-2015): Nikki Nguyen
Co-Assistant Director (2012-2013): Christina Chan-Pong
Co-Assistant Director (2012-2013): Regina Javier
Director (2011-2012): Monica Tirtarahardja
Co-Director (2010-2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Co-Assistant Director (2008-2009): Florence Luong
Co-Director (2007-2008): Bowie Stephens
Co-Director (2007-2008): Vanessa Kwong

Health Educated Asian Leaders (HEAL)

Health Panel Director (2016-2017): Kathy Ngo
Expedition Coordinator (2016-2017): Melissa Vailikit
Internal Affairs (2009-2010): Ann Hoang
Historian (2011-2012): Roselle Derequito

International Pharmaceutical Student Federation

Fundraising Chair (2014-2015): Isabel Won

Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA)

External Vice President (2009-2010): Oanh Nguyen
Social Chair (2008-2009): Jen Vu
Webmaster (2011-2012): Klea Jampasar

Students Taking Action Against Racism

Director of Speakers and Special Events (2014-2015): Monisa Lu

Vietnamese Student Organization (VSO)

President (2017-2018): Jenny Trang
President (2014-2015): Vivian Nguyen
President (2010-2011): Ann Hoang
Internal Vice President (2017-2018): Kim Vo
External Vice President (2016-2017): Nhu Le
External Vice President (2014-2015): Elizabeth Nguyen
External Vice President (2013-2014): Vivian Nguyen
External Vice President (2011-2012): Nancy Nguyen
Public Relations Director (2014-2015): Kathy Ngo
Public Relations Director (2013-2014): Oanh Le
Public Relations Director (2009-2010): Ann Hoang
Fundraising Director (2012-2013): Lien Tracy Dang
Fundraising Director (2010-2011): Nancy Nguyen
Cultural Director (2014-2015): Tracie Le
Social Director (2013-2014): Elizabeth Nguyen
Historian (2010-2011): May Luong

Building Dreams Foundation

Fundraising Chair (2013-2014): Stephanie Wong
Public Relations Chair (2017-2018): Cindy Nguyen
Public Relations Chair (2011-2012): May Luong

Cantonese Interest Group

External Vice President (2010-2011): Garm Tsang

Equal Access Clinic

Volunteer (2017): Nina Cortes

Florida Blue Key

Search and Branding Committee (2013): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Tapping Committee (2013): Nancy Nguyen
Tapping Committee (2013): Monica Tirtarahardja

FootPrints: Buddy & Support Program

Member (2017): Emily Miloro

Gator Smiles

Vice President (2013-2014): Aimee Alilio
Secretary (2012-2013): Aimee Alilio
Public Relations Chair (2011-2012): Aimee Alilio
Fundraising Chair (2011-2012): Joyce Alilio

Graduate Student Council

External Secretary (2012-2013): Whitney Fung

Greek Life and Sorority/Fraternity Affairs

Florida Greek Ambassador (2014): Kathleen Contreras
Florida Greek Ambassador (2010): Irene Ng
Greek Conduct Committee (2011-2012): Briahna Brown

Multicultural Greek Council

MGC Executive Vice President (2016): Tracie Le
Showcase Director (2015): Jean Saltivan
Assistant Showcase Director (2015): Kristyn Wong
Assistant Showcase Director (2014): Kathleen Contreras
Programming Team (2015): Havi Tran
Public Relations Director (2016): Kelly Nguyen
Public Relations Director (2014): Jean Saltivan
Public Relations Director (2012): Regina Javier
Public Relations Director (2011): Kevina Lee
Public Relations Director (2010): Helen Shin
Scholarship Director (2010): Irene Ng
Webmistress (2012): Lien Tracy Dang
Webmistress (2011): Kevina Lee

Order of Omega

Secretary (2011-2012): Briahna Brown

The Odyssey

Photographer (2014-2015): Havi Tran
Staff Writer/Representative (2012): Susan Ho
Staff Writer/Representative (2011): Kevina Lee

The Hip-Hop Collective

Secretary (2014-2015): Kylie Routson

Hispanic Student Association (HSA)

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM)

Assistant Marketing Director (2013): Stephanie Ou

Multicultural & Diversity Affairs

Marketing Ambassador (2013): Alice Zhang

Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs

Student Ambassador (2016-2017): Melissa Vailikit
Student Ambassador (2016-2017): Candice Luc
Leadership Development Institute Participant (2013): Amy Li
Leadership Development Institute Participant (2013): Regina Javier

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Recording Secretary (2013-2014): Aimee Alilio
Advertising Chair (2012-2013): Aimee Alilio

Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers (SASE)

President (2017-2018): Kate Shin
President (2015-2016): Sarah Otsuka
President (2011-2012): Irene Ng
External Vice President (2015-2016): Kate Shin
External Vice President (2014-2015): Sarah Otsuka
Vice President (2011-2012): Caity Soriano
Vice President (2010-2011): Irene Ng
Secretary (2014-2015): Kate Shin
Secretary (2013-2014): Sarah Otsuka
Secretary (2010-2011): Caity Soriano
Multimedia Chair (2017-2018): Claire Generato
Service Chair (2016-2017): Arianne Lazaro
Alumnae Chair (2016-2017): Candice Luc
SASE Webmaster (Spring 2014): Kate Shin
SASE Rising Star Award (2014): Irene Ng

Sparks Magazine

Creator/Editor-in-Chief (2011-2013): Kevina Lee
Social Media Editor (2014): Julienne Somera
Photography Editor (2014-2015): Lien Tracy Dang
Staff Photographer (2011-2013): Angie Llanos
Staff Photographer (2012-2013): Oanh Nguyen
Multimedia Committee (2013): Julienne Somera
Multimedia Committee (2013): Alice Zhang
Financial Director (2014): Van Hoang

Student Affairs

Student Conduct Committee (2011-2012): Jennifer Pham

Student Activities and Involvement

Ambassador (2013): Stephanie Ou
Student Assistant (2012-2013): Klea Jampasar
Student Assistant (2012-2013): Monica Tirtarahardja
Student Graphic Assistant (2012-2013): Oanh Nguyen

Student Government

Housing Affairs Cabinet Director (2011-2012): Monica Tirtarahardja
Housing Affairs Assistant Director (2013-2014): Stephanie Wong
Information and Communications Committee (2013): Christina Chan-Pong
Member-at-Large (2014): Christina Chan-Pong
Member-at-Large (2013): Nancy Nguyen
Replacement and Agenda Committee (2013): Nancy Nguyen
Rules and Ethics Committee (2013): Nancy Nguyen
Senator (2015-2016): Yen Le
Senator (2014-2015): Stephanie Wong
Senator (2013-2014): Christina Chan-Pong
Senator (2012-2013): Nancy Nguyen
Senator (2012-2013): Tina Wang
Senator (2011-2012): Supachaya Sucharitvanitwong
Senator (2011-2012): Lily Wong
Cabinet Liaison (2014): Stephanie Wong
Unite Party Volunteer Coordinator (2011): Whitney Fung
Vice Chairman of Cabinet Affairs (2014-2015): Lien Tracy Dang
Assistant Director of Greek Affairs Cabinet (2015-2016): Nikki Nguyen

Student National Pharmaceutical Association

President (2013-2014): Tina Wang

Volunteers for International Student Affairs (VISA)

Talent Show Creative Director (2013): Lien Tracy Dang
Talent Show Stage Manager (2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong

University of Florida Alumni Association:

Florida Cicerone: Gabby Nicholas


Reporter (2014-2015): Alexandra Go
Radio Producer (2015): Alexandra Go

UF International Center

Study Abroad Advisor (2015): Kylie Routson


Leadership Beyond

AmeriCorps Program

National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC)

FEMA Corps North Central Region Team Leader (2015-2016): Lien Tracy Dang

National Preparedness & Response Corps (NPRC)

American Red Cross Community Outreach Coordinator (2014-2015): Roselle Derequito

Indonesians in Greater Gainesville

Undergraduate Representative (2010-2011): Monica Tirtarahardja


PR Intern (2016-2017): Sara Preston

National APIA Panhellenic Association

Communications Chair (2013): Kevina Lee

PINK Nation

Campus Representative (2016-2017): Sara Preston

Founder/Owner: Oanh Nguyen

Southeast APIA Unity Mixer

Co-Director (2012-2013): Aimee Alilio
Co-Director (2011-2012): Oanh Nguyen
Promotions Director (2014-2015): Lien Tracy Dang
Promotions Director (2013-2014): Rigen Saltivan
Promotions Director (2011-2012): Aimee Alilio
Records Director (2013-2014): Mary Doromal
Records Director (2014-2015): Mary Doromal

Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leaders (SERCAAL)

Executive Director (2015):Lien Tracy Dang
Executive Director (2013): Irene Ng
Logistics Director (2010): Irene Ng
Webmaster (2009): Alyssa Wang
Co-Programming Chair (2007): Bowie Stephens
Co-Programming Director (2013): Stephanie Wong
Multimedia Director (2013): Julienne Somera

Individual Recognition

Achievement Awards

alpha Kappa Delta Phi Nationwide

National Board Wintern (2015): Lien Tracy Dang
National Board Wintern (2014): Lien Tracy Dang
National Pacesetters Program (2016): Nini Chiang
National Pacesetters Program (2015): Yen Le
National Pacesetters Program (2014): Lynn Phu
National Pacesetters Program (2013): Rigen Saltivan
IRIS Award (2012):Oanh Nguyen
National SEN10R LEGACΨ Program (2014): Aimee Alilio
National SEN10R LEGACΨ Program (2014): Roselle Derequito
National SEN10R LEGACΨ Program (2014): Isabel Won
National Scholar Recipient (2012): Joyce Alilio
National Alumnae Board Scholar (2010): Florence Luong
Mental Health Initiative National Representative (2014): Lien Tracy Dang

University of Florida Hall of Fame

Inductee (2016): Stephanie Wong

Asian American Student Union

Unity Award (2009-2010): Oanh Nguyen
Unity Award (2008-2009): Alyssa Wang

Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs

Hall of Fame (2013): Monica Tirtarahardja
Hall of Fame (2012): Alyssa Wang

ECAASU Scholarship

Recipient (2017): Nina Cortes
Recipient (2017): Yen Le
Recipient (2016): Arianne Lazaro
Recipient (2014): Vivian Nguyen
Recipient (2013): Alice Zhang
Recipient (2013): Julienne Somera
Recipient (2013): Stephanie Wong
Recipient (2012): Christina Chan-Pong
Recipient (2012): Sarah Otsuka
Recipient (2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Recipient (2010): Alyssa Wang
Recipient (2010): Irene Ng
Recipient (2010): Oanh Nguyen
Recipient (2010): Monica Tirtarahardja

Epsilon Lambda Chi Engineering Leadership Circle

Inductee (2012): Irene Ng

Florida Blue Key

Inductee (2017): Havi Tran
Inductee (2016): Yen Le
Inductee (2015): Julienne Somera
Inductee (2014): Stephanie Wong
Inductee (2013): Christina Chan-Pong
Inductee (2013): Nancy Nguyen
Inductee (2012): Sabrina Chan-Pong
Inductee (2012): Monica Tirtarahardja
Inductee (2011): Whitney Fung

Florida Greek Awards

Outstanding Director Award (2014): Kathleen Contreras
Outstanding Director Award (2011): Kevina Lee


Attendee (2017): Nina Cortes
Attendee (2017): Arianne Lazaro
Attendee (2017): Sara Preston
Attendee (2017): Michelle Tzou
Attendee (2017): Athena Wong
Attendee (2016): Eleyn Fangonilo
Attendee (2016): Gabby Nicholas
Attendee (2016): Nicole Orlino
Attendee (2015): Nikki Nguyen
Attendee (2015): Tracie Le
Attendee (2014): Rana Sayroo
Attendee (2013): Alice Zhang
Attendee (2013): Stephanie Wong
Attendee (2012): Christina Chan-Pong
Attendee (2012): Klea Jampasar
Attendee (2010): Oanh Nguyen

Order of Omega

Inductee (2016): Kathy Ngo
Inductee (2015): Alexandra Go
Inductee (2014): Fiona Chai
Inductee (2014): Kathleen Contreras
Inductee (2014): Van Hoang
Inductee (2014): Lynn Phu
Emerging Greek Leader Award (2012): Isabel Won
Inductee (2012): Aimee Alilio
Inductee (2012): Dan-Tam Nguyen
Inductee (2011): Sandy Au Yeung
Inductee (2011): Briahna Brown
Inductee (2011): Tina Wang

Phi Alpha Delta Mock Trial Tournament

2nd Place (2015): Alexandra Go

Creative Awards

One Greek Store Best Paddle Contest Winner (2012): Dan-Tam Nguyen
One Greek Store Best Paddle Contest Winner (2011): Nancy Nguyen

Pageant Awards

Miss Vietnam Florida Queen (2017): Lauren Nguyen
Miss AASU Pageant First Runner-Up: Lauren Nguyen
Miss AASU Pageant Winner (2012): Klea Jampasar
Miss AASU Pageant First Runner-Up (2010): Ann Hoang
Miss AASU Pageant First Runner-Up (2009): Whitney Fung
Miss AASU Pageant Second Runner-Up (2010): Supachaya Sucharitvanitwong
Miss AASU Pageant Best Cultural Segment (2012): Klea Jampasar
Miss AASU Pageant Best Essay (2011): Irene Ng
Miss AASU Pageant Fan Favorite (2012): Klea Jampasar
Miss AASU Pageant Fan Favorite (2011): Irene Ng
Miss AASU Pageant Miss Congeniality (2013): Christina Chan-Pong
Miss AASU Pageant Miss Congeniality (2012): Klea Jampasar

Performance Recognition

AKM Talent Show 2nd Place Winners (2014): Kathleen Contreras and Amy Li
AKM Talent Show 3rd Place Winner (2013): Stephanie Wong
AASU’s Got Talent Emcee (2011): Monica Tirtarahardja
CASA Chinese New Year Show Emcee (2013): Monisa Lu
FSA Def Talent Jam XIX Emcee (2011): Klea Jampasar
FSA Fil-Am History Month Closing Ceremony Emcee (2011): Klea Jampasar
KUSA Spring Festival Emcee (2010): Oanh Nguyen
VSO Tet Show Emcee (2014): Elizabeth Nguyen
VSO Tet Show Emcee (2010): Ann Hoang

Special Recognition

Student Activities & Involvement Student Employee Spotlight (2012): Monica Tirtarahardja January Campus Cutie (2011): Briahna Brown
Girls’ Generation First USA Fan Meeting Coordinator (2011): Oanh Nguyen