Over the weekend, four of our sisters – Gina Javier, Sarah Otsuka, Eun Lee, and Jean Saltivan – took part in SASE’s Quick Race early in the morning. They ran around campus to find the different parts of the race and were so fast they even beat the race overseers to the finish line! Congrats to our sisters on winning first place of the SASE Quick Race



While we’re congratulating sisters, we’d like to congratulate even more of our sisters for their acceptances:

Congratulations to Caitlyn Soriano for her acceptance into the University of Florida Master’s Program!

Congratulations to Aimee Alilio for her acceptance into the Doctor of Audiology Program in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at Syracuse University!

Congratulations to Izzy Won for her acceptance into Manchester University College of Pharmacy!

Congratulations to Kyna Gania for her acceptance into Mercer University College of Pharmacy!

These sisters are upholding our pillar of scholarship and with all they’ve contributed to both our sorority and the University of Florida, we know they’ll go far in life!


Lastly, congratulations to Lien Tracy Dang for being chosen as the National Representative for aKDPhi’s Mental Health Initiative! She’s always the sister to give so much to people – sister or not – and we’re so proud that she is being recognized for it nationally. From paddles to letters, her giving heart knows no limit.