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Sisterhood Spotlight


This intelligent sister excels in everything that she does! She is super busy each day, but never forgets to make time for others. On top of doing an amazing job as one of the event directors for the Asian Kaleidoscope Month’s annual Asian Food Festival, she also serves as the current president of the Vietnamese… Read more »

Sisterhood Spotlight


This cute and witty sister is always up for a joke. She loves to go to the gym to do some squats and is always down for a self-defense class, where she can probably teach us a thing or two. We would like to congratulate her on stepping out of her comfort zone and becoming… Read more »

Sisterhood Spotlight


This hard-working sister is always willing to listen to others and is not afraid to be the first to share her thoughts and ideas. She studies non-stop for her classes, looks like a natural when dancing bhangra and serves as one of the academic chairs for our chapter. She has also set a great example… Read more »

Sisterhood Spotlight


This dedicated and remarkably talented sister always puts her best foot forward in all that she does. We are proud to say that the new Southeastern stroll was partially choreographed by this hard-worker in our chapter. She has worked tirelessly these past months to coordinate our performances at the AASA show and has gone beyond… Read more »


A warm congratulations to our sister, Tracy Dang! We’re excited to see all the great things you’ll do as the Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leader’s (SERCAAL) newly announced Executive Director!