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Say Hello to Our New Board!

Congratulations to the UF Associate Chapter’s 2014-2015 Executive Board: President: Fiona Chai Vice President of Internal Affairs: Van Hoang Vice President of Service: Rigen Saltivan Vice President of External Affairs: Kathleen Contreras Treasurer: Lynn Phu Secretary: Nicole Meretsky Our Fall 2014 chairs: Academic chairs: April Rutherford & Monisa Lu Alumnae chair: Gina Javier Fundraising chairs:… Read more »

Sister Spotlight: Klea Jampasar

This sister is one word: irreplaceable. She is down to earth, passionate, and resourceful. She never hesitates in helping another sister in need, which is why #43 Klea “CanciÓN” Jampasar is the sister being recognized this week. As you all well know, she is the proud “mother” of the Iotas, the newest addition to our… Read more »

Sister Spotlight: Reena Martinez

This sister is a valuable, hidden gem within our organization. She never fails to amaze us with her photoshop skills and her twerktastic talents. Thus, Ms. #73 Reena “Crossfire” Martinez is the wonderful sister being recognized this week. This wonderful sister has contributed so many amazing photoshop contributions, and this “behind-the-scenes” recognition is truly long… Read more »

Sister Spotlight: Amy Li

Said once, and must be said again. This sister has many layers, and each one is beautiful. Thus, this beautifully layered individual is none other than our very own #81, Amy “PREST!GE” Li. This charismatic individual will amaze you with her creativity and stun you with her dance moves. She, along with Lynn Phu, were our Spring 2014… Read more »

Sister Spotlight: Kara Ramos

The strength and determination of this next sister has indeed granted this individual a rightful place within the spotlight’s accolade. #68 Kara “revoLver” Ramos makes it onto this week’s spot because of her determination to never give up, especially in the midst of turmoil. Her determination in her academic career is both admirable and inspiring. She is now… Read more »