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Make a Change: Stop the Violence

Each year, on January 31st, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, nationwide, promotes National Violence Awareness Day. We come together as one to talk about this issue and to take action in honor of one of our sisters, Valerie Zavala Wilson, who became a victim to a senseless act of violence. The sisters of UF change their profile… Read more »

Kappa Class

We’d like to give a big congratulations to our newest sisters! They did an amazing job tonight and we’re so proud of them! Welcome to our sisterhood! #96 Hazel “AERITH” Go #97 Yen “ABYSS” Le #98 Elizabeth “ASURA” Nguyen #99 Gabby “ELΨSIUM” Nicholas #100 Nicole “Ember” Orlino #101 Kylie “bALListic” Routson New Member Educatior: Christina… Read more »

Sisterhood Spotlight

This cute and witty sister is always up for a joke. She loves to go to the gym to do some squats and is always down for a self-defense class, where she can probably teach us a thing or two. We would like to congratulate her on stepping out of her comfort zone and becoming… Read more »

Miss AASU First Runner-Up

Today, several sisters came together to support one of our very own: #66 Lauren “GLamour” Nguyen. We are so proud of you for winning Ms. AASU 2014 First Runner-Up in the Asian Kaleidoscope Month’s Mr. and Ms. AASU Pageant 2014. Stay glamorous!

Sisterhood Spotlight

This dedicated and remarkably talented sister always puts her best foot forward in all that she does. We are proud to say that the new Southeastern stroll was partially choreographed by this hard-worker in our chapter. She has worked tirelessly these past months to coordinate our performances at the AASA show and has gone beyond… Read more »