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Congratulations to Klea Jampasar!

Congratulations to #43 Klea “CanciÓN” Jampasar, AKM 2012’s Miss AASU! We are so proud of our sister for the all of her great achievements! Also, we’d like to congratulate #27 Tina “MASQuerade” Wang for co-directing an awesome show!

Congratulations to our Epsilon Class!

Congratulations to the newest additions to the sisterhood! Seven beautiful young ladies! #55 Fiona “maLIBU” Chai #56 Christina “Nouveau” Chan-Pong #57 Mary “LOCKHART” Doromal #58 Kyna “DésiRe” Gania #59 Nicole “SNOW” Meretsky #60 Jessica “Trigger” Truong #61 Teresa “NITRO” Truong Congratulations! LnF ♥

Epsilon Class REVEAL!

Get ready to meet the newest additions to the Colony Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi here at the University of Florida! Join us on Monday, April 9th, 2012 at the Architecture Atrium Building at 9:15pm as we welcome a new line to our chapter!

Congratulations to our Delta Class!

Thank you all for attending the Delta Class reveal on Friday! We hope you enjoyed the show! And congratulations to the newest members of our chapter: #48 Sabrina Chan-Pong *Dropshot* #49 Lien Tracy Dang *E<3mental* #50 Gina Javier *GRAVITY* #51 Regine Mojica *Stonecold* #52 Dani Nguyen *Charm* #53 Sarah Otsuka *Eleganz* #54 Stephanie Ou *sonRISA*… Read more »