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Weekend Recap

So much happened last weekend that we didn’t even have time to separate them into individual posts! First, last Saturday, AASU week came to an end at closing ceremony where various AASU members performed and celebrated the successful week that AASU freshmen helped pull together. At closing ceremony, one of our newest members, Kathy Ngo,… Read more »

Night Market

Come out to our night market co-hosted with CASA this Sunday at the Polo’s Clubhouse! A night market is almost exactly what it sounds like. Imagine, walking down the streets of a busy city at night; city lights and decorations gleam against the night sky. The air is filled with the aroma of freshly cooked food and… Read more »

Like Us!

We are officially in the running for the Involvement Awards Fan Favorite! The Involvement Awards represent an opportunity for outstanding student leaders and organizations to be recognized for their tremendous contributions to the University of Florida and the Gainesville community. Awards are presented to student organizations recognizing leadership, programming, innovation, and creativity. In order for… Read more »

Welcome Iotas!

On Saturday, the newest sisters of the University of Florida’s alpha Kappa Delta Phi Associate Chapter were revealed at the Fine Arts Building B! These 11 beautiful, strong diamonds blew away the crowd with their performance, and we are more than proud to officially welcome them to our chapter. All their hard work has finally… Read more »

They’re Coming…

Reveal season is here once again, and with our new Iota class, we can tell you this is going to be a show worth coming out for. A reveal show is a performance put on entirely by our new members full of skits, songs, dances, and more! It’s their way of showing you who they… Read more »