Fall 2011 Recruitment Week

We’re not just one genre.

With a network of 47 UF sisters and 47 other chapters across the nation and in Canada, our sisters have extraordinarily diverse backgrounds and personalities. Everyone brings her own voice to the table in aKDPhi, and we all carry our own tune to produce the beauty that comes with eternal sisterhood. We are girls with different ideas, but the concept of our organization would not exist without our individual strengths and passions for the sisterhood. We are girls who represent a variety of music genres, and, regardless of your own personal taste in music, we invite you to experience what we stand for.

We hope that, along the way, you’ll begin to hear your own melody among the harmony of this sisterhood.

Check out our Recruitment Information and Recruitment Schedule pages for information about our Fall 2011 Recruitment Week! We’re excited to get to know all of you, and we welcome you with open arms to learn more about aKDPhi.