Sister Spotlight: Kara Ramos

The strength and determination of this next sister has indeed granted this individual a rightful place within the spotlight’s accolade. #68 Kara “revoLver” Ramos makes it onto this week’s spot because of her determination to never give up, especially in the midst of turmoil. Her determination in her academic career is both admirable and inspiring. She is now a registered Florida pharmacy technician, and is progressing fast into her field of work. She is a constant reminder of how hard work can truly pay off. So, please, watch out for Ms. Ramos, because this “revoLver” will surely blow you away.


Senator Wong

After weeks of campaigning, the sisters of aKDPhi would like to congratulate Stephanie Wong on her well-earned seat in Senate! Swongo has been dedicating so much of her time and effort to this seat, and we are so proud that she is now CLAS (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) Senator for Student Government. As just a sophomore already with a Student Government seat, we are so excited to see what she has planned for the UF community and the rest of her college career. Congratulations, Senator Wong!


Sister Spotlight: Rigen Saltivan

The charisma and charm of this individual definitely shows in her performance, which is why #69, Miss Rigen “royale” Saltivan, is the most deserving of the spotlight for this week. Her organization, her skill in domineering a room, and her eloquent presence are all characteristics a strong leader withholds in herself. From being an exceptional co-Rush Chair to partaking a role in this upcoming Unity Stroll Mixer, this individual has a heart of passion and dedication, which will ultimately push her to strive in anything she has her eyes on. (Get it? “Eyes on?” She’s trying to become an optometrist.) Working with Rigen Saltivan, I assure you, will be a “royale” experience.


Sister Spotlight: Van Hoang

The strength, determination, and utter brilliance of this particular sister truly shines in whatever she does, which is why this sister of the week is the cute—and yet awkward turtle—# 72 Van “CalibRe” Hoang. Not only is she booksmart, but Van also exemplifies what aKDPhi truly is: hard work and perseverance in a cute little package. Not only  has she been Academic Chair for aKDPhi, but she is also the Musicfest Co-director and is currently the Financial Director on Sparks e-Board. This girl is top-notch high quality. (You could even say she is of the highest “CalibRe.”)


Recap: Founder’s Week

Our founder’s week officially ended at 9 A.M. today after our closed service event with Adopt-A-Road, and we just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during our Founder’s Week! Whether it was just our Founder’s Day performance on The Set or one of our smaller ones such as our relaxing yoga night, we appreciate the support from everyone and hope you enjoyed celebrating our “birthday week” too.


We started our founder’s week last Monday with our Mental Health Forum at Peabody. Here, we talked about how coming from different racial backgrounds can create added pressures both through elders and stereotypes, during which we discussed personal experiences about how we had to battle through challenges we faced because of these standards. At the end of the forum, we discussed how to control stress caused by pressure and how to sustain mental health overall.


On Tuesday, continuing the emphasis on the importance of mental health, we had a yoga night at the Student Recreational Center, where our very own sisters acted as yoga instructors. Although the weather would have been considered difficult under any other circumstances, with the yoga night, it provided the perfect background noise for a relaxing night in of yoga. With the help of the yoga instructors, we hope anyone who came will use the moves taught in order to maintain both their physical and mental health.


Wednesday, although it was a closed event, we continued to celebrate our Founder’s Week with a “girl’s night in” full of food, fun, and most importantly, onesies! The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi held a potluck with the sisters of Delta Phi Omega, resulting in an eclectic mix of Indian, Asian, and “Publix fried chicken” cuisine.


In order to thank and recognize the organizations who support us, we tabled at Turlington, giving out bouquets of kisses to representatives from both AASU sub-organizations and MGC organizations. Since we had no official event planned, we took advantage of the break to PR for our performance on The Set, recuperate and relax, and prepare for the big finale of the week – our Founder’s Day performance.


Friday afternoon, members of all different organizations – from the Multicultural Greek Council, to the Asian-American Student Union, and even to the National Panhellenic Council – came out to support our Founder’s Day in Turlington. As the old school medley filled the area, our own sisters performed a specially made stroll and step and altogether, danced to our national stroll. While cutting our cake, various brothers from the National Panhellenic Council danced alongside our sisters, with everyone performing their own national stroll. With everyone laughing and dancing next to each other, the greek unity was the perfect end to our Founder’s Day performance! If you missed our performance or want to see it again, watch the performance video here.


Later that night, we celebrated our “birthday” at Chopstix Cafe, where even alumnae attended and everyone was able to laugh and reminisce on all the sisterhood moments we have truly enjoyed because of our sorority.


With Chinese New Year and the Lunar Festival just having passed, the sisters of aKDPhi were able to reconnect with some of their roots at the Têt festival held by the Vietnamese Student Organization. Not only were we able to enjoy the free food and performances from different organizations and people, but we also were able to enjoy our own sisters performing a traditional Vietnamese fan dance – performed by Roselle Derequito, Lauren Nguyen, Lynn Phu, Dana Dolores, Nikki Nguyen, and Havi Tran.


Finally, our Founder’s week winded down with our closed service event at Adopt-A-Road. Sisters woke up early in the morning to clean up roads and make the environment a better place.

After a week of events celebrating our Founder’s day, our love for our sorority has deepened even further. It has made us realize all the memories and unbreakable bonds that alpha Kappa Delta Phi has blessed us with and how important the five pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, Asian-Awareness, and sisterhood truly are to us. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us, Greek-affiliated and not alike, and hope you all enjoyed our birthday week as much as we did!

If you weren’t able to come out to any of our events or just want to remember all the good memories you had at our events, check out the rest of our pictures from Founder’s Week on our Facebook account!