Sister Spotlight: Amy Li

Said once, and must be said again. This sister has many layers, and each one is beautiful. Thus, this beautifully layered individual is none other than our very own #81, Amy “PREST!GE” Li. This charismatic individual will amaze you with her creativity and stun you with her dance moves. She, along with Lynn Phu, were our Spring 2014 Fundraiser Chairs, and they did an amazing job with our most recent Banh Mi Fundraiser! Sure, our banh mi’s were good, but not as good as these two individual’s hard work! There are no words to describe the level of her “PREST!GE.”


Back to Work!

Even though school is just now getting back into gear, sisters certainly kept themselves busy over spring break as well. At the very beginning of spring break, many of our sisters took a road trip up to James Madison University for SESC where sisters around the country met up  for workshops, showcases, and all around sisterhood. We certainly took the opportunity to further strengthen the bonds with each other but also sisters from campuses around the country. Thank you to the sisters of JMU for holding such a great SESC!



With spring break coming to a quick stop, the sisters of UF aKDPhi are preparing for the last stretch of school, and for some graduating sisters, it’ll be their last one. But even with it being their graduating semester, these sisters aren’t allowing themselves to slack on any of our pillars, especially scholarship! These three sisters, in particular, always work their hardest, which is obvious from their ability to balance academics, aKDPhi, and their other involvements, and it’s finally paid off.

Congratulations to Aimee Alilio for her acceptance into Auburn University for Audiology!

Congratulations to Angie Llanos for her acceptance into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy!

Congratulations to May Luong for her acceptance into the University of South Florida’s Master Program!

And Congratulations to our very own president, Teresa Truong for her acceptance into the University of Florida College of Nursing!

Sister Spotlight: Kara Ramos

The strength and determination of this next sister has indeed granted this individual a rightful place within the spotlight’s accolade. #68 Kara “revoLver” Ramos makes it onto this week’s spot because of her determination to never give up, especially in the midst of turmoil. Her determination in her academic career is both admirable and inspiring. She is now a registered Florida pharmacy technician, and is progressing fast into her field of work. She is a constant reminder of how hard work can truly pay off. So, please, watch out for Ms. Ramos, because this “revoLver” will surely blow you away.


Senator Wong

After weeks of campaigning, the sisters of aKDPhi would like to congratulate Stephanie Wong on her well-earned seat in Senate! Swongo has been dedicating so much of her time and effort to this seat, and we are so proud that she is now CLAS (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) Senator for Student Government. As just a sophomore already with a Student Government seat, we are so excited to see what she has planned for the UF community and the rest of her college career. Congratulations, Senator Wong!


Sister Spotlight: Rigen Saltivan

The charisma and charm of this individual definitely shows in her performance, which is why #69, Miss Rigen “royale” Saltivan, is the most deserving of the spotlight for this week. Her organization, her skill in domineering a room, and her eloquent presence are all characteristics a strong leader withholds in herself. From being an exceptional co-Rush Chair to partaking a role in this upcoming Unity Stroll Mixer, this individual has a heart of passion and dedication, which will ultimately push her to strive in anything she has her eyes on. (Get it? “Eyes on?” She’s trying to become an optometrist.) Working with Rigen Saltivan, I assure you, will be a “royale” experience.