UF aKDPhi turns 5!


Message from the UF aKDPhi Charters

As one of the largest and fastest-growing international Asian-interest sororities, the UF Associate chapter of aKDPhi is no exception. The UF Associate chapter of aKDPhi has assisted sisters in maturing individually, by providing each sister with the resources necessary in order for each woman to mature into her ideal self, while also maturing as a chapter. Having been on campus for five years, the chapter has already grown to include over 80 sisters! The chapter itself has won multiple awards, including Council Chapter of the Year, First Place Sorority at Southeast APIA Unity Mixer Stroll Competition, Most Spirited Chapter at UF Greek Week, and many more as well as being the Host Chapter at alpha Kappa Delta Phi Southeast Sisterhood Rally. Along with chapter recognitions, individual sisters have been recognized such as the IRIS Award winner, Oanh Nguyen, Miss AASU Pageant winner, Klea Jampasar, and Florida Greek Ambassador, Irene Ng and Kathleen Contreras. In only five years, the UF aKDPhi Associate chapter has already achieved so much; here’s to many more years – and memories – of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service, and Asian Awareness!

UF aKDPhi 5 Year Recap

Sister Spotlight: Dan-Tam Nguyen

This weeks spotlight goes to #52 Dani “Charm” Nguyen!

She has given so much of her support to aKDPhi and works behind the scenes. From joining different committees to dancing in multiple shows, she still manages to balance everything from school, work, to sorority obligations. She never refuse to help someone in need and she is very intuitive. Dani will definitely “Charm” you at first sight ;)


Outstanding Philanthropy!

We are honored to have been recognized as having an Outstanding Philanthropy at UF’s 66th Annual Greek Awards!


Christina, Kathleen, & Reena

About our philanthropy:

Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade
The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade was launched in 1992 as a small pioneering program in the U.K. Avon in the U.S. adopted the Crusade the following year. Over the last 18 years, Avon philanthropy has raised and donated more than $700 million to breast cancer programs around the world, supporting cutting-edge research to find a cure for or prevent breast cancer as well as programs that enable all patients to access quality care.
Funding supports awareness and education: screening and diagnosis; access to treatment; support services; and scientific research. Beneficiaries of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade range from leading cancer research and clinical centers to community-based, non-profit breast health education programs.

Meet the Theta Class

Congratulations to the newest additions to our sisterhood here at the University of Florida Associate Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc!

New Member Educator: Sarah “Eleganz” Otsuka

#78 Dana “Cascade” Dolores
Big Sister: #56 Christina “Nouveau” Chan-Pong

#79 Alexandra “alLURE” Go
Big Sister: #54 Stephanie “sonRISA” Ou

#80 Jennifer “ArDeUR” Hayden
Big Sister: #58 Kyna “DésiRe” Gania

#81 Amy “PREST!GE” Li
Big Sister: #49 Lien Tracy “E<3mental” Dang

#82 Nikki “Infrared” Nguyen
Big Sister: #51 Regine “Stonecold” Mojica

#83 Jean “HyperBASS” Saltivan
Big Sister: #43 Klea “CanciÓN” Jampasar

#84 Havi “VEXEN” Tran
Big Sister: #61 Teresa “NITRO” Truong

Welcome to the Sisterhood!