On behalf of the Alpha Delta chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, we would like to thank all those who attended our New Member Presentation this past weekend! We are so proud to introduce to you our Spring 2018 RnB Rho Class:
#139 Angelica “refLection” Alejo
Big Sister: #113 Joyce “medLey” Nimmo

#140 Minseo “hELIX” Bae
Big sister: #125 Melissa “zoDIAC” Vailikit

#141 Jennifer “MOSAIC” Estrellado
Big Sister: #117 Korinna “MOMENTUM” Abejuela

#142 Yuria “VictoiRe” Kusatake
Big Sister: #111 Candice “VeluRe” Luc

#143 Cathy “iLLustrious” Van
Big Sister: #119 Jessica “LUxe” Nguyen

#144 Nicole “M!RAGE” Villanueva
Big Sister: #120 Jillian “EM!NENCE” Silang

Congratulations to their New Member Educator, Kappa #101 Kylie “bALListic” Routson and her team Mu #111 Candice “VeluRe” Luc and Omicron #132 Kim “revere” Vo. Additonally, thank you to their Reveal Coordinators Xi #121 Nhu “REvivAL” Le  and Omicron #130 Angelica “Vezera”
 for your endless effort in making this performance perfect.

Spring 2018 Recruitment

IMG_9179 copy

IMG_9180 copyThe University of Florida Alpha Delta Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. proudly presents…

Origins || Spring 2018 Recruitment

An origin is more than just a starting point, it is an individual’s foundation. Origins are about the accumulation of our life experiences from our family, culture, mental, and physical conditions. Through these trials, we have all flourished into the unique individuals that we are today.

Embrace what is ahead, but hold onto what we have overcome to get to where we all are. Most importantly, let us all be proud of our origins.

Recruitment is an opportunity for you to get a sense of what aKDPhi is all about here at UF. Our sisters host a variety of events, giving girls the opportunity to get to know us and explore Greek life in a fun and relaxed setting.

All of our events are FREE and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to join.

Contact our friendly recruitment chairs: Claire Generato (954-993-1364) and Mina Kim (727-735-8654)
Phone Number: (513-900-8686)
OR contact them at recruitment.ufakdphi@gmail.com

Feel free to follow our official Facebook event page! 

For constant updates on events and locations we encourage you to fill out this interest form

Congratulations to the Fall 17 Graduates!


Congratulations to our sisters who graduated! Thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and love you have put into our chapter. We will not forget all that you have done for us. You will be greatly missed and may your future be filled with happiness, prosperity, wealth, and love.  Congratulations!:

Undergraduate Class of 2017

#105 Janine “STARDUST” Silang

Major: Business Administration

#106 Athena “Astère” Wong

Major: Accounting

#116 Michelle “baLLad” Tzou

Major: Computer Science

Welcome, P.S. Pi Class!


We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to those who came to our New Member reveal this past week! Introducing our Fall 2017 P.S. Pi Class:

#134 Tiara “QUANTUM” Cardwell
Big Sister: #117 Korinna “MOMENTUM” Abejuela

#135 Hailey “CAPTIVate” DeRigo
Big Sister: #112 Emily “SHOWstopper” Miloro

#136 Bonnie “LORITHIA” Liu
Big Sister: #114 Monica “KAILEENA” Ouano

#137 Ruth “resoLution” Martinez
Big Sister: #113 Joyce “medLey” Nimmo

#138 Nicky “skyLine” Zou
Big Sister: #108 Nini “atLas” Chiang


Congratulations to their New Member Educator, Mu #115 Sara “RhApsoDy” Preston and her team Kappa #101 Kylie “bALListic” Routson, Nu #118 Nina “ROSÉ” Cortes, and Xi #121 Nhu “REvivAL” Le. Additionally, thank you to their Reveal Coordinators Nu #120 Jillian “EM!NENCE” Silang and Xi #123 Jennifer “Énergique” Nguyen for your endless effort in making this performance perfect.

AASU Scholarship Pageant 2017

22154280_1962775827337392_5350312680568578770_n IMG_0607

On October 10th, our very own #118 Nina “ROSÉ” Cortes competed in UF’s AASU Scholarship Pageant where she flaunted her dance moves, showcased her piano skills, and wowed the audience with her eloquence. We are so proud of all her hard work and dedication that led her to achieve Miss Congeniality and Most Philanthropic. Alpha Delta always delivers.