Founder’s Week

Get excited, our Founder’s Week is here! Join the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi at the University of Florida as we celebrate this monumental week!

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded on February 7, 1990 by our fourteen founding sisters at the University of California at Berkeley. They envisioned chartering an organization that would bring together a group of diverse women who shared the common goals of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and service, and would help foster them to become successful women.

We have dedicated a whole week in celebration of all of our sisters and the years of successes that have brought us to where we are today!

On Tuesday, February 7 from 5-9pm, we will be hosting our Banh Mi fundraiser at Lollicup on 34th st. With each plate, you will receive the Banh Mi, a salad, and a desert.

February 5th Service Event: Cleanin’ up Sw 16th Ave

February 7th: OUR Bi-ANNUAL BANH BI Fundraiser is once again here! Join us on Tuesday the 7th, from 5-9pm at Lollicup on #4th St for some delicious Banh Mi — a Vietnamese sub –, salad and a small dessert! 6$ for one sub, OR, bring a friend and buy 2 for $10!

February 8th: Come watch us perform on the Set (Turlington) at 12:30pm!


Banh Mi Fundraiser

Hey, it’s that time of year again! Our Bi-annual Banh Mi fundraiser is here! Come help support UF aKDPhi on Tuesday February 7th, 2012 from 5pm-9pm and enjoy a nice Banh Mi — a Vietnamese Sub –, a ginger salad and a small delicious dessert!

National Violence Awareness Day

Today is alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s National Violence Awareness day. On this day every year, we take time to educate not only ourselves, but also our communities about all types of violence that people experience almost every day. We hope to raise awareness about this issue and also to empower others to not become another statistic.

In loving memory of our fallen sister, Valerie Zavala. LnF

Spring 2012 Recruitment Week

This semester, we invite you to learn about and experience what it means to be a sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi. College is only a period of your life — but not guaranteed a complete experience without defining it and making the best of it. With aKDPhi, you will learn the possibilities, discover your abilities… and unlock your potential to the fullest.

Click here to learn more about recruitment and click here to view our Spring 2012 recruitment schedule. We are excited to meet you at our next event!

Congratulations to our Delta Class!

Thank you all for attending the Delta Class reveal on Friday! We hope you enjoyed the show!
And congratulations to the newest members of our chapter:

#48 Sabrina Chan-Pong *Dropshot*
#49 Lien Tracy Dang *E<3mental*
#50 Gina Javier *GRAVITY*
#51 Regine Mojica *Stonecold*
#52 Dani Nguyen *Charm*
#53 Sarah Otsuka *Eleganz*
#54 Stephanie Ou *sonRISA*

Welcome to the sisterhood!