Welcome, KO Omicron Class!

17547128_760565804119230_1062355617808174172_oOn behalf of the Alpha Delta chapter of aKDPhi, we would like to give our biggest thanks to all those who came out to our New Member reveal this past weekend! With that said, we are so proud to introduce to you our Spring 2017 KO Omicron Class:

#126 Claire “finaLe” Generato
Big Sister: #94 Kate “preLude” Shin

#127 Mina “GranDeuR” Kim
Big Sister: #80 Jennifer “ArDeUR” Hayden

#128 Kristine “Prism” Le
Big Sister: #100 Nicole “Ember” Orlino

#129 Cindy “Divinity” Nguyen
Big Sister: #104 Kelly “Cresaire” Nguyen

#130 Angelica “Vezera” Palaganas
Big Sister: #106 Athena “Astère” Wong

#131 Jenny “MOONLIGHT” Trang
Big Sister: #105 Janine “STARDUST” Silang

#132 Kim “revere” Vo
Big Sister: #90 Kathy “crowne” Ngo

#133 Jennifer “apoLLo” Xiao
Big Sister: #116 Michelle “baLLad” Tzou

Congratulations to these ladies for putting on such a great performance and a special congratulations to their New Member Educator: #84 Havi “VEXEN” Tran.

Welcome to our TIMELESS sisterhood!

In addition to that, we would like to give a special shout out to their Reveal Coordinators, #100 Nicole “Ember” Orlino and #117 Korinna “MOMENTUM” Abejuela for all of their hard work ensuring this performance was one to remember.

27 Years of LnF

27th Founder's Day

Today, February 7, is one of the most important days in aKDPhi history. It is the day we were founded. This day marks 27 years of women coming together for the never ending love and friendship that this organization gives.  It’s been 27 years of gorgeous, beautiful, strong women proving that alpha Kappa Delta Phi is truly a place to call home.

Without our founders, none of this would even exist. So thank you to our fourteen founding sisters at the University of California, Berkeley. You have truly made your mark in history, and we will never stop celebrating the sisterhood that you created.

In light of this joyous occasion, our Alpha Delta chapter is holding a number of events. To show our pride, we had our set performance at Turlington Plaza just this past noon time. Yet, there are more events in store.

Tonight at 6:30 in the Reitz Union Room G310, we will be holding our very first Cultural Panel. Put on by Candice Luc, from the Mu Class, the panel is a forum for questions to be asked to our very own sisters about their story and how their life has been as Asian American women. Come check them out and ask your own questions at our Untold Stories of Asian American Women: The Sisters of aKDPhi.

Furthermore, we have our 2nd annual aKDPhi Challenge this Friday. People from the UF community get to compete in an amiable fitness test in an attempt to win a prize! This event is one our most fun ones yet. Come out to Flavet Field, Friday (February 10) at 6pm to see if you measure up and can win first place! If you are interested, you can fill out the team registration form. Note that there must be at least one girl on each team.

For more details, check out the Facebook event page.

A Vigil for Roselle

Roselle Derequito recently passed this past month, and our chapter held a candlelight vigil to commemorate her influence at the University of Florida and greater community. The candlelight vigil was on January 13th, 2017. Many sisters as well as friends and loved ones came out to support and honor Roselle.

Roselle Derequito was a sister of the Gamma Class, crossed Fall 2010, of alpha Kappa Delta Phi. She held numerous positions within our chapter, ranging from Reveal Coordinator to Academic Chair, and held an even greater influence in our community through her various involvements in the Filipino Student Association, Red Cross Association, and more.

More so, she was a sister who touched the lives of many. She never stopped showing how kind she was and how beautiful her soul really was. She impacted so many lives and our chapter in so many ways. Her passion for aKDPhi and others was endless. Our love for her will last forever. Thank you for everything, Roselle.

See you later, Roselle.

You will always be in our hearts.

#41 Roselle “S.A.V.V.Y.” Derequito


Spring 2017 Recruitment

Timeless Sisterhood


A Timeless Sisterhood Awaits You

The University of Florida Alpha Delta Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. proudly presents…

Timeless || Spring 2017 Recruitment

Come out and meet our sisters!

For more details, visit our Recruitment page! Or check out our event page on Facebook!

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is currently the largest, fastest-growing and ONLY INTERNATIONAL Asian-interest, but not Asian exclusive sorority in the nation. We proudly uphold the pillars of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service and Asian Awareness to the fullest. Established at the University of California, Berkeley in 1990, we have since expanded to 53 chapters with more than 5,000 sisters coast to coast, creating an experience of sisterhood you won’t find anywhere else!

Recruitment is an opportunity for you to get a sense of what aKDPhi is all about here at UF. Our sisters host a variety of events, giving girls the opportunity to get to know us and explore Greek life in a fun and relaxed setting. All of our events are FREE and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to join.

Contact our friendly recruitment chairs: Alexandra Go and Sara Preston
Phone Number: (513) 900-8686
OR contact them at recruitment@ufakdphi.com

If you would like to receive updates about our Recruitment events, please fill out this interest form.

Congratulations Fall 2016 Graduates!

Fall 2016 Graduates

Congratulations to our sisters who graduated this past fall semester! We are so proud of you and excited to see what the future holds for you. Good luck to you sisters!

College of Journalism and Communications

#65 Monisa “FREEFALL” Lu

#66 Lauren “GLamour” Nguyen