Service: Girls Place, Inc.


We had an amazing time this afternoon at Girls Place here in Gainesville!  As Thanksgiving season rolls around, we had the opportunity to participate in activities with these bright young ladies that reminded us all of what we are so grateful for.

MGC Greek Awards

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We are beyond honored to receive the 2015 MGC Chapter of the Year Award along with receiving the highest Spring 2015 MGC organization GPA! We would also like to congratulate our very own, #102 Jen “Rêveuse” Huynh on being recognized as MGC’s Most Outstanding Risk Manager and #89 Tracie “fireBALL” Le for being initiated as the 2016 MGC Executive Vice President!!! Great job ladies, and a big thank you to all who have supported us this far. We look forward to more exciting things to come this year! Congratulations to all of the other award recipients within our Florida Greek community!

Mu Class Reveal


On behalf of UF aKDPhi, we would like to give the biggest thank you to all who came out and supported our New Member reveal this past weekend!

Without further ado, we are so proud to introduce to you our Fall 2015 cObalt Mu Class! A huge congratulations to these ladies and a special congratulations to their New Member Educator: #81 Amy “PREST!GE” Li

Below is the UF aKDPhi’s Fall 2015 Mu Class!
#108 Nini “atLas” Chiang
– Big Sister: #91 Vivian “soLstice” Nguyen
#109 Arianne Lazaro “CORTANA” Lazaro
– Big Sister: #98 Elizabeth “ASURA” Nguyen
#110 Grace “highRISE” Lee
– Big Sister: #95 Kristyn “belveDERE” Wong
#111 Candice “VeluRe” Luc
– Big Sister: #72 Van “CalibRe” Hoang
#112 Emily “SHOWstopper” Miloro
– Big Sister: #79 Alexandra “alLURE” Go
#113 Joyce “medLey” Nimmo
– Big Sister: #76 Stephanie “a capeLLa” Wong
#114 Monica “KAILEENA” Ouano
– Big Sister: #84 Havi “VEXEN” Tran
#115 Sara “RhApsoDy” Preston
– Big Sister: #83 Jean “HyperBASS” Saltivan
#116 Michelle “baLLad” Tzou
– Big Sister: #76 Stephanie “a capeLLa” Wong

We are so proud of you all and know you will continue to do great things. Welcome to the best sisterhood ladies! heart emoticon
In addition, we would like to give a special shoutout to the hard-working Mu Class Reveal Coordinators, #62 Oanh “Enchanté” Le & #107 Nancy “RepertoiRe” Yeung!!!

Last but not least, we would like to give a huge thank you to Michael Chiang for capturing these memorable moments heart emoticon Please go like his page because his talent is definitely one to be recognized! Thank you Michael, we love you!…

Southwest Sisterhood Rally

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Our sisters had a great time at SWSR in Austin, Texas. We would like to thank all of our wonderful SW sisters for their hospitality! We hope to see you all again soon!

PC and MGC Unity


We had a great time with UF Kappa Alpha Theta tonight! Thank you for having us! We most definitely enjoyed the dinner, tours, and meeting the sisters! We hope to see you all again sometime soon.