Class of 2016 Graduation!


Congratulations to all of our sisters that graduated this spring from the University of Florida! Everyone has such bright futures ahead of them and we can’t wait to see all the things you all will accomplish in the years ahead. Good luck sisters!

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
#72 Van “CalibRe” Hoang
#74 Lynn “Calypso” Phu
#78 Dana “Cascade” Dolores
#91 Vivian “soLstice” Nguyen
#99 Gabby “ELΨSIUM” Nicholas

College of Public Health and Health Professions
#71 Kathleen “BALMshell” Contreras
#83 Jean “HyperBASS” Saltivan
#95 Kristyn “belveDERE” Wong
#103 Areille “Titanium” Marigomen

Masters of Public Health
#51 Regine “Stonecold” Mojica
#43 Klea “CanciÓN” Jampasar

College of Engineering
#53 Sarah “Eleganz” Otsuka

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
#62 Oanh “Enchanté” Le
#76 Stephanie “a capeLLa” Wong
#81 Amy “PREST!GE” Li

College of Pharmacy
#27 Tina “MASQuerade” Wang


Nu Class Reveal


On behalf of UF aKDPhi, we would like to thank all of those who came and supported the New Member Reveal yesterday!

We are proud to introduce to you the tNt Nu Class! A huge congratulations to these women and a warm welcome into this lifelong sisterhood, and a special congratulations to their New Member Educator, #76 Stephanie “a capeLLa” Wong. With a newly sparked passion for aKDPhi, we can’t wait to see all that they’ll contribute to our sisterhood and community!

Spring 2016 tNt Nu Class:
New Member Educator: #76 Stephanie “a capeLLa” Wong

#117 Korinna “MOMENTUM” Abejeula
Big Sister: #86 Eleyn “CLARITY” Fangonilo
#118 Nina “ROSÉ” Cortes
Big Sister: #89 Tracie “fireBALL” Le
#119 Jessica “LUxe” Nguyen
Big Sister: #66 Lauren “GLamour” Nguyen
#120 Jillian “EM!NENCE” Silang
Big Sister: #81 Amy “PREST!GE” Li

Founder’s Week!


Get aKDPhired Up for our Founder’s Week events! We’re celebrating 26 years of timeless friendship through sisterhood and the 14 women who founded alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority Inc.

No More Campaign

no more campaign cover photo

This past week our aKDPhi participated in the No More Campaign where we said NO MORE to domestic and sexual violence. This is in honor of National Violence Awareness Day and in memory of our fallen sister, Valerie Zavala. Each year we honor her in the hopes of spreading awareness and preventing these acts of violence from occurring.