Asian Kaleidoscope Month



Incredible job to our sisters, Vivian, Van, and Kathy along with the rest of the 2015 AKM staff for putting on a successful Asian Kaleidoscope Month Opening Ceremony this evening! We are so excited to see what’s to come this month. We wish you all nothing but the best!


And an amazing job to these three stunning sisters for showcasing their musical talents tonight at the AKM Opening Ceremony!
Be sure to watch their performance below if you missed it!

National Hazing Prevention Week


Did you know, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. here at the University of Florida has a 100% no-hazing policy?
Today, our sisters proudly announce the kickoff to National Hazing Prevention Week 2015. Our ultimate goal is to prevent hazing. With strong education efforts, diligent policy development and reinforcement, and comprehensive planning and ongoing community efforts, we believe that we can do just that.
Please join us and our sisters nationwide as we stand up and take the hazing prevention pledge. Together, we can help spread the awareness of anti-hazing and ultimately will put an end to it one day.
‪#‎NHPW2015‬ ‪#‎takethepledge‬ ‪#‎thesehandsdonthaze‬ ‪#‎jointhemovement‬ ‪#‎shareyourstory‬

MGC Showcase 2015


We are so proud of our sisters, #95 Kristyn “belveDERE” Wong and #83 Jean “HyperBASS” Saltivan for doing an amazing job as MGC Assistant Showcase Director and MGC Showcase Director! Congratulations ladies!

Sisterhood Spotlight


We would like you to meet our friendly Fall 2015 Recruitment Chairs, #90 Kathy “crowne” Ngo and #91 Vivian “soLstice” Nguyen! These two spunky sisters joined this sisterhood in the Spring of 2014 and constantly continue to blow us away with all that they do smile emoticon We are so proud of you two!
Kathy (pictured left), a 3rd Year Biology Major, is currently AKM’s Creative Director and has held the positions of Public Relations Director for the Vietnamese Student Organization and has been a part of multiple AASU committees. Not to mention her positions she has held in aKDPhi ranging from Historian to even PR Chair!
Vivian (pictured right), is a 4th Year student double majoring in Biochemistry and Food Science and Human Nutrition. She is also currently serving as the AKM Executive Director and Southeast Representative on the national UNAVSA board! She has also held the positions of VSO President and External Vice President along with AKM Food Festival Co-Director and Cultural Chair for aKDPhi!
These two ladies have worked so hard to put together these recruitment events these upcoming weeks smile emoticon Come out to get to know them, along with other sisters, even more!



Happy Sunday everyone! This morning our sisters started off our eventful week bright and early by participating in our road cleanup! ♻ We hope you all have a wonderful week!