Meet the Eta Class

Congratulations to our seven newest additions to the sisterhood!

Thanks to everyone again for coming to our Eta Class reveal! We’re always happy to have so much support from the community! If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet them yet, let us introduce to you our newest sisters and #22 Caitlyn “T.W.I.X.” Soriano as their New Member Educator:

#71 Kathleen “BALMshell” Contreras
#72 Van “CalibRe” Hoang
#73 Reena “Crossfire” Martinez
#74 Lynn “Calypso” Phu
#75 Julienne “LumièRe” Somera
#76 Stephanie “a cappeLLa” Wong
#77 Alice “LUCKY” Zhang

Watch the first part of their reveal below! The rest of the parts are on Youtube.