Sisterhood Spotlight


This sister is known for her humor and caring personality. She is always making others laugh and will turn any frown upside down. You can keep up to date with her life through snapchat or find her riding around in her minivan! She recently put on the event “Nebula: A Conversation on Diversity and Power in Faculty” for Students Taking Action Against Racism (STAAR) and we are extremely proud that she is gaining leadership experience in Student Government and representing our organization so well. We cannot imagine our chapter without humorous sisters like #65 Monisa “FREEFALL” Lu. You have a big heart, no doubt about it and we thank you for always brightening others’ day. Lastly, a little quote of encouragement: “We are only limited by our own insecurities, limitations and fears; sometimes we must gather the courage to ‘FREEFALL’ and see how life catches us.”