Sisterhood Spotlight


This stylish sister’s blood type is (basically) Starbucks. You’d need coffee too to keep up with her! Not only does this Microbio. and Cell Science major excel academically, she does so as well as a leader in and outside aKDPhi. You may know her from her work as UF AASU’s Musicfest former Co-Director or her previous leadership in Sparks Magazine as Finance Director. If not, you’ve definitely seen her dancing on stage or strolling with her sisters at the myriad of shows and performances of which she’s taken part. In our sorority, she’s grown to become an asset – not many are as hardworking and dedicated as this sister! UF aKDPhi truly wouldn’t be the same without her contributions (and her master programming skills and her master organizational skills) especially as the former Academic Chair, and presently, our Vice-President of Internal Affairs. She’s smart, determined, accountable, and unstoppable – but would you expect less from a sister of the highest caliber? We love you #72 Van “CalibRe” Hoang; keep up the amazing work!

Photo Credit: Reena Martinez