Sisterhood Spotlights

October 2012

      • #31 Nancy “gaLaxii” Nguyen was elected as one of the newest Senators for The University of Florida’s Student Government! Congratulations!

September 2012

      • #54 Stephanie “sonRISA” Ou was a member of the Marketing Team for the Hispanic Student’s Association’s Hispanic Heritage Month!

June 2012

      • #38 Joyce “KEYBLADE” Alilio was recognized at aKDPhi’s 20th Annual International Convention as a 2012 National Scholar. Congratulations!

May 2012

      • Congratulations to #32 Oanh “AFFINITY” Nguyen as this year’s very successful APIA Unity Mixer Director!

April 2012

      • #48 Sabrina “Dropshot” Chan-Pong was crowned next year’s Asian Kaleidoscope Month Programming Director. Congratulations!
March 2012
      • #37 Aimee “rAdianCE” Alilio is the newest Advertising Chair for NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association) for the 2012-2013 school year. Congratulations!
February 2012
      • Congrats to #50 Gina “GRAVITY” Javier and #53 Sarah “Eleganz” Otsuka for receiving this year’s UF ECAASU Scholarship!

January 2012

      • #49 Lien Tracy “E<3mental” Dang and #50 Regina “GRAVITY” Javier are two of the newest directors for the Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Florida. Congratulations on your positions!

November 2011

      • #43 Klea “CanciÓN” was the emcee for Fil-Am Heritage Month Closing Ceremony and Def Talent Jam XIX: Virtues and Vices. She is currently the cultural chair for the Filipino Student Association. We’re so proud!

October 2011

    • #29 Lily “twiLight” Wong recently won the student government senate seat for District D. Congratulations!