Sandy Au Yeung

Nickname: #16 Starlit
Crossed: Fall 2009
Big Sister: Rebecca “Varia” Tam
Little Sister: Izzy “Flickr” Won

Major: Psychology
Year: Class of 2012
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Ethnicity: Chinese

Positions held in aKDPhi: Fundraising Chair (Fall 2011), Secretary (2010-2011), Choreographer (2010-2011), Risk Management Chair (Spring 2010)

What I like: I like trying out food that I have never tried before. I like attempting to cook new dishes. I love to rock climb, kayak and swim. I love animals, especially dogs, cats and horses. I love hanging out with my family. I like trying out new things in general. I love watching Asian dramas and reading manga. Oh, yeah, I like dancing too.

What I do: Building Dreams Public Relations (Spring 2009), Gainesville Pet Rescue Volunteer (Spring 2011), Sidney Lanier Fitness/Sports Research Program Volunteer (Spring 2011), Canine Cognition Research Assistant (Summer 2011).

Why I joined aKDPhi: I always grew up as the only or one of few Asians in my community. I wanted to meet and build relationships with those girls that I thought I had nothing in common with, but, surprisingly, we had a lot in common. aKDPhi has given me so many opportunities to do things that I have always wanted to do but was always so scared to. With the support and encouragement of my sisters, I was able to choreograph and dance onstage in front of hundreds of people. I was even able to sing along with my sisters at one show. By joining aKDPhi, I was able to contribute my ideas and see them in action.

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