Tina Wang

Nickname: #27 MASQuerade
Crossed: Fall 2009
Big Sister: Jen “Arecales” Vu
Little Sisters: Aimee “rAdianCE” Alilio & Stephanie “sonRISA” Ou

Major: Nutritional Sciences/Pharmacy
Year: Class of 2013
Hometown: Margate, FL
Ethnicity: Chinese/Taiwanese

Positions held in aKDPhi: President (2011-2012), Vice President of Service (2010-2011), Social Chair (Spring 2010)

What I like: Eating (especially Oreos and chicken wings), laughing, running, watching chick flicks, reading sappy novels, traveling to new places, photography, and singing/dancing for fun.

What I do: St. Francis House Volunteer (Fall 2009), Shands Volunteer (Summer 2010 and 2011), Health Troupe (Spring 2011), Sidney Lanier Fitness/Sports Research Program Volunteer (Spring 2011).

Why I joined aKDPhi: Coming from South Florida, where there wasn’t a huge Asian population, I wanted to get involved within the Asian community at UF to truly understand “where I came from” and “who I am” as an Asian American. Joining aKDPhi has definitely given me a sense of awareness of Asian and Asian American culture as well as helped me mature as a person internally. I’ve gained invaluable skills like confidence and the desire to try new things outside of my comfort zone, which are essential in living a successful life. Aside from internal improvements and skills, I also learned about and experienced sisterhood. It’s difficult to convey through words alone, but the best way I can relate it would be like gaining a group of best friends and family. These sisters are girls that I can rely on for anything, no matter how trivial or serious the matter. They are people I’m extremely comfortable with – my family away from home.

Contact Tina at ufakdphi.masquerade@gmail.com.