Vanessa Kwong

Nickname: #7 aficioNADA
Crossed: Fall 2008
Big Sister: Zarah Panaguiton (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Little Sisters: Michelle “kaHLUA” Jimenez & Alyssa “viVACE” Wang

Major: Finance
Year: Class of 2010
Hometown: Hong Kong, China/Coral Springs, FL
Ethnicity: Chinese
Positions held in aKDPhi: Interest Group President, Vice President of Membership, Treasurer, Cultural Chair, Rush Chair

What I like: My family, friends, trying yummy food in different cities, my puppies, reading, music, social media, communication, traveling, doing new  things, animals, fashion, going out, sisters (pledge sisters, littles, babies, gkiddos).

What I do: I am a Federal Financial Analyst for Accenture in Washington DC and in my spare time, I volunteer with my company and is also studying to get my CPA.

Why I joined aKDPhi: Coming into college, I’ve always envisioned myself involved with multiple aspects of the Asian American community – greek life included. As my freshmen year dwindled down, I had a heart to heart with Bowie Stephens about what was still missing in my life and we figured it out together. Speaking to our then-close friends, we realized we were really all in the same boat. From visiting FSU and USF sisters to the various sisters around the nation, we became an interest group for aKDPhi and through numerous trials and obstacles for almost a year half, we brought the sorority onto the UF campus. It was through those times that I understood the meaning of true sisterhood – from enduring the many social/philanthropic events/aasu we had to execute to the 15 hour roadtrips to the simple silliness that encompassed my 14 closest friends; it was truly the best time of my college career. Knowing that creating aKDPhi at UF would also bring the same type of experiences to potential new members, the leadership opportunities and general women empowerment, we knew it was the right choice from the beginning. All in all, everything comes down to the fact that I know these girls will be there during the most pivotal moments in my life and I would also be there for them in an instant!

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