Dan-Tam Nguyen

Nickname: #52 Charm
Crossed: Fall 2011
Big Sister: May “GLAMrock” Luong
Little Sister: Lynn “Calypso” Phu

Major:  Biochemistry/Anthropology
Year: Class of 2014
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Positions held in aKDPhi: Academic Chair (Spring 2012), Fundraising Chair (Spring 2012)

What I like: Origami and paper crafts; studying; playing MapleStory, Cooking Mama, and other kiddy games; learning a musical instrument; sitting and eating.

What I do: Academic Committee member for the Student Honors Organization; Branding Committee Secretary for Employer Relations Outreach Ambassadors; Volunteer with the Footprints Buddy Support Program at Shands; Camp Counselor for Honors Summer Camp; Research Assistant – UF Horticulture Department, Research Assistant – UF Chemistry Department.

Why I joined aKDPhi: I have always been one to focus on grades, resume, and trying to get ahead of everyone academically. I found five diverse leadership, volunteer, and research positions within my freshman year alone, all in order to make myself look good on paper. But I walked away from three of those positions, not with resentment, but with a sense of emptiness. I was told that I’d find my best friends when I go to college, that these years will hold the most precious moments in my life, that I’m here not to just learn science and math but to meet new people and finding myself a home away from home. My freshman year passed and I found nothing except new things to put on my resume so I decided to for once overlook “what would look good” and pursue what I actually wanted to do. Upon joining the sisterhood, I found I have made the best decision in my life. I found not just best friends, but sisters, I experienced the most precious moments in my life, and I found myself a home away from home.

Contact Dan-Tam at ufakdphi.charm@gmail.com.