Katherine Chu

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” -Buddha

Nickname: #85 Glitzen
Crossed: Spring 2014
Big Sister: Sarah “Eleganz” Otsuka
Little Sister:

Major: Nursing
Year: Class of 2017
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Ethnicity: Chinese & Filipino

Positions held in aKDPhi: Risk Management (Fall 2014)

What I like: I enjoy working out, playing tennis, traveling to new places, and shopping.

What I do: 

Why I joined aKDPhi: Since I started college, I was looking for ways to get involved. I wanted to not only become a part of an organization, but be surrounded by people who can help me find a better version of myself. With the support of sisters, I am able to step out of my comfort zone and strive to be better. Through aKDPhi, I am given opportunities I am unable to find elsewhere and I have learned not only more about myself, but I find myself doing things I never thought I could do.

Contact Katherine at glitzen@ufakdphi.com.