Nini Chiang

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.” -Ernestine Ulmer

Nickname: #108 atLas
Crossed: Fall 2015
Big Sister: Vivian “soLstice” Nguyen
Little Sister: Nicky “skyLine” Zou

Major: Health Education and Behavior
Year: Class of 2018
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Ethnicity: Chinese

Positions held in aKDPhi: Risk Management Chair (Spring 2016), Fundraising Chair (Spring 2017)

What I like: Sushi, beaches, aquariums/zoos, naps, festivals, large/fat animals (ie. hypos, rhinos, manatees, etc.) especially elephants, cheesecake

What I do: During my time at UF I have always been trying to continue to volunteer in the community. I have had the pleasure of volunteering with Baby Gator, Balance 180, and recently joined the FIT for ALL volunteer program. When I get a break, I enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing new and different foods. Aside from school and volunteering, I like to spend a bit of my free time painting (even though I lack artistic skills), keeping up with my Youtube subscriptions, and sticking to a show to watch on Netflix (currently working on Grey’s Anatomy).

Why I joined aKDPhi: I wanted to make my college experience more memorable, and I was always curious about greek life. I decided to take a risk and come out. As I went to more rush events I found more reasons why I wanted to join. I was interested in the opportunities that I saw aKDPhi open for sisters, and I wanted to grow as an individual to be the best version of myself. I also wanted to have a stronger support system than what I already had, and to have people who would stand by me beyond graduation.

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