Riane Songalia

“I’ll love you enough for the both of us, and I’ll love you even more on the days when you can’t love yourself at all.” -Anonymous

Nickname: #174 PARAD!GM
Crossed: Spring 2020
Big Sister: Nicole “M!RAGE” Villanueva
Little Sister: n/a

Major: Pre-Nursing and Spanish
Year: Class of 2023
Hometown: Clermont, FL
Ethnicity:  Filipina

Positions held in aKDPhi: n/a

What I like: Cooking, napping, walking in nice weather, hanging out with my loved ones, and watching netflix shows

What I do: FSA Multimedia

Why I joined aKDPhi: I felt like there was something missing from my life. aKDPhi has helped me feel a sense of belonging. I always felt energized and empowered every time I was surrounded by all these strong womxn.

Contact Riane at ufakdphi.parad!gm@gmail.com