Havi Tran
Havi Tran

Nickname: #84 VEXEN
Crossed: Fall 2013
Big Sister: Teresa “NITRO” Truong
Little Sister: Monica “KAILEENA” Ouano

Major: Psychology
Year: Class of 2017
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Positions held in aKDPhi: Historian/Webmistress (Spring 2014), Recruitment Chair (Fall 2014), Reveal Coordinator (Spring 2015), Vice President of Internal Affairs (2015-2016)

What I like: Hanging out with friends, laughing, going to KFT and Lollicup, TGIF Bingo night, making memories for a lifetime

What I do: watch cute puppy videos

Why I joined aKDPhi: As a freshman coming into college, I felt really lost coming into a new environment, especially since most of my friends ended up going to different colleges than me. I was really hesitant to join the AASU community, but after going out and watching the Asian-American Student Assembly and seeing all the support all the sub-organizations had for each other, I soon changed my mind. But the AASU community was still far too big for me to feel at home in and after being flyered and asked to come out to an aKDPhi rush event, I decided to use a different approach to getting involved in the Asian community. After one rush event, I fell in love with the sisterhood that all the sisters of aKDPhi shared with each other and knew that becoming a sister would be the thing that would both help get me involved in the Asian community and, most importantly, find the home away from home that I was looking for.

Contact Havi at vexen@ufakdphi.com.