Mimi Nguyen

“In life you face a lot of L’s but you just have to remember to live, laugh, and love!

Nickname: #168 ecLipse
Crossed: Fall 2019
Big Sister: Nicky “skyLine” Zou
Little Sister: n/a

Major: Health Education and Behavior
Year: Class of 2023
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Positions held in aKDPhi: 

What I like:I like hanging out with my sxsters and friends, watching Netflix or Disney+, Arizona Green Tea, napping, and cheesy jokes :)

What I do: 

Why I joined aKDPhi:I wanted to be able to grow personally and professionally. Coming to UF I never thought that I would join a sxsterhood until I found aKDPhi. I first found out about aKDPhi during AASA and from then on I was hooked. I feel that aKDPhi has been able to set a strong foundation for me and has helped me grow tremendously.

Contact Mimi at ufakdphi.eclipse@gmail.com.