Jasun Choi

Nickname: #162 VITAE
Crossed: Fall 2019
Big Sister: Erika “SEEKER” Dennison
Little Sister: n/a
Major: Health Science
Year: Class of 2021

Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Ethnicity: Korean

Positions held in aKDPhi: Academic Chair (Spring 2020)

What I like: I like skincare, makeup, discovering new music, my line, and my BIG!!!

What I do: I spend too much time online shopping, stress baking, and showering my LS’s with love and affection. I also have an adult job to fund my impulsive shopping addiction.

Why I joined aKDPhi: I joined aKDPhi to be more in touch with my Asian identity and finding my place at UF. As a Korean American female, I found it difficult to navigate between my ethnicity and my cultural upbringing. At recruitment, I saw how empowered sxsters were by their diversity. Regarding finding my place at UF, I found UF to be overwhelmingly large and isolating as a transfer student. I saw how deeply rooted the connections were amongst sxsters and felt it would be a nurturing environment for me to gain not only a support system, but also a distinct position within the UF community.

Contact Jasun at ufakdphi.vitae@gmail.com.