Sara Marigomen

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

Nickname: #122 VivRe
Crossed: Fall 2016
Big Sister: Nancy “RepertoiRe” Yeung
Little Sister:

Major: Digital Arts & Sciences
Year: Class of 2020
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Ethnicity: Filipino

Positions held in aKDPhi: Historian/Webmistress (Spring 2017)

What I like: Sleeping, coloring, playing piano and guitar, playing around with Photoshop, wishing I could sing and dance

What I do: I sleep, color, play the piano and guitar, edit photos and videos, and wish that I could sing and dance. I love going to movies, almost as much as I like staying in and Netflixing with popcorn. I try to read when I can. I’m trying to get more involved with FSA and seeing what else is in store for me at UF.

Why I joined aKDPhi: I joined because I was looking for some kind of home. As a first year, I didn’t know anybody, and I was just floating around. I wanted true friends to anchor myself with. Real friends who are real with you lead to the best relationships. aKDPhi is filled with so many opportunities, too, and I know that it will make me a stronger and better me.

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