Stop the Violence

1779814_580928401992776_2090129991_nToday is alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s National Violence Awareness Day. We come together as a sisterhood to talk about this issue and to take action in honor of one of our sisters, Valerie Zavala, who became a victim to a senseless act of violence. The sisters of UF changed their profile pictures on Facebook to photos of them holding their own individual messages in order to show support for the #NOMORE campaign and bring awareness against domestic violence and sexual assault.
In addition to the social media campaign, we tabled in Turlington, handing out ribbons in Valerie’s favorite color. Along with the commemoration to our fellow sister, we provided other students with the opportunity to take part in our #NOMORE campaign to write a message as to why violence needs to end now.
1654348_581186485300301_2025337157_nAs someone once said “The time for complacency is long gone, has passed and belongs to another era.” It’s time to respond to the cries for justice because if left unaddressed, the effects of violence can remain with one for a lifetime and can manifest from one generation to another. Let’s stop the statistics, it’s time to say NO MORE!
For more information on the NO MORE campaign visit: Also visit us at Turlington,while we hand out ribbons and commemorate our fallen sister Valerie Zavala who was a victim of sexual assault.