Weekend Recap

So much happened last weekend that we didn’t even have time to separate them into individual posts! First, last Saturday, AASU week came to an end at closing ceremony where various AASU members performed and celebrated the successful week that AASU freshmen helped pull together. At closing ceremony, one of our newest members, Kathy Ngo, won VSO’s Most Outstanding Award. Between winning this and helping raise money for AASU’s Relay for Life event, we are so proud of her for already upholding our pillar of Asian-Awareness! In addition, we are proud of Alexandra Go and Havi Tran for also taking part in AASU week’s Creative Workshop event.


Kathy Instagrammed her award, claiming: “I am so thankful to have been chosen as VSO’s Most Outstanding . . . I’m so glad that I am a part of something that I am passionate about”

Last Saturday, our sisters – Aimee Alilio, Klea Jampasar, Izzy Won, Stephanie Ou, Kathleen Contreras, and Reena Martinez – also all took part in USF’s Strolling of the Bulls tournament where Greek organizations from different parts of Florida competed in a strolling contest. They have been working hard for the past month, and we are so happy that they came home second place!

On Sunday, it was finally time for our Night Market event co-hosted with CASA. With Chinese lanterns and lights strewn across the trees and authentic Asian street foods scents lingering in the air, it was a scene truly reminiscent of a Chinese night market. The night was filled with fun, games, and food (what better combination is there?), and it was truly a pleasure to be able to hold such a successful event with the members of CASA. In total, we raised over $600 in honor of the Grace Children’s Foundation, and we would like to thank everyone and anyone who came out to support both aKDPhi and CASA for this cause!


Also, we would like to say a MASSIVE congratulations to Stephanie Wong, who was elected AASU president this past Monday (and yes, to answer your question, she is the very same person who won a Senate seat earlier this semester). With a speech that was said to give some people goosebumps, Stephanie has worked so hard for this position, and we are so honored to be able to call her our sister. We know with her in charge, AASU is going to go far, and we know that we – and many other members of AASU – are excited to see what she will bring to the organization next year. Congratulations Stephanie for all your accomplishments this semester; words can not explain how immensely proud we are of you!


Finally, we would like to say another MASSIVE congratulations to Alice Zhang for being given the position of Executive Director for next year’s Asian Kaleidoscope Month! As the torch is passed down to her from this year’s director, our other sister Izzy Won, we know that her passion for AASU will keep that fire lit. We are so excited for what she and her future team will bring next year, and we are so proud of her and the rest of our sisters for all their accomplishments this semester.