The University of Florida Alpha Delta Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority Incorporated presents to you our Spring 2020 FX Phi Class! Due to the unforeseen circumstances, we have recorded the FX Phi Class’s reveal and posted it here! Now, let us proudly introduce you to our FX Phi Class:

#171 Alanna “enRAPTURE” Koch
Big Sxster: #156 Marinella “etheREAL” Matulin

#172 Tien “aLLegro” Le
Big Sxster: #133 Jennifer “apoLLo” Xiao

#173 Kristina “tritonaL” Nguyen
Big Sxster: #139 Angelica “refLection” Alejo

#174 Riane “PARAD!GM” Songalia
Big Sxster: #144 Nicole “M!RAGE” Villanueva

#175 Melody “Candor” Sze
Big Sxster: #129 Cindy “Divinity” Nguyen

#176 Phoebe “Allumée” Wright
Big Sxster: #160 Christina “Céleste” Truong

#177 Karaline “de Lune” Xia
Big Sxster: #126 Kay “finaLe” Generato

A HUGE congratulations to their lovely mom, #122 Sara “Vivre” Marigomen, and her helpers #144 Nicole “M!RAGE” Villanueva and #147 Alyssa “Dawn” Estrellado! We are so proud of you and these PHIne ladies!

Shoutout to our amazing Reveal Coordinators #141 Jennifer “MOSAIC” Estrellado and #155 Anne “AviaiRe” Alejo for all your hard work! The reveal was beautiful!

We are so proud of y’all and are excited to officially say: WELCOME TO THE ETERNAL SXSTERHOOD!!!! We cannot wait to see everything that y’all accomplish here within KDPhi as well as what you will do outside of KDPhi!!!!