Welcome, LUV Upsilons!


πŸ’Ž The University of Florida Alpha Delta chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. would like to introduce you all to our Fall 2019 LUV Upsilon Class! πŸ’Ž

πŸ’œ#161 Lesley “enAMOR” Banh
Big Sxster: Pi #135 Hailey “CAPTIVate” DeRigo

πŸ’œ#162 Jasun “VITAE” Choi
Big Sxster: Sigma #146 Erika “SEEKER” Dennison

πŸ’œ#163 Jessica “MIDNIGHT” Dang
Big Sxster: Sigma #149 “SUPERNOVA” Ogoc

πŸ’œ#164 Nicole “beLLe” Enverga
Big Sxster: Pi #137 Ruth “resoLution” Martinez

πŸ’œ#165 Karina “Γ‰litaiRe” Huang
Big Sxster: Rho #142 Yuria “VictoiRe” Kusatake

πŸ’œ#166 Sarah “RenDeuR” Liu
Big Sxster: Sigma #145 Sarah “SplenDeuR” Cheung

πŸ’œ#167 Christina “MONARCH” Nguyen
Big Sxster: Rho #141 Jennifer “MOSAIC” Estrellado

πŸ’œ#168 Mimi “ecLipse” Nguyen
Big Sxster: Pi #138 Nicky “skyLine” Zou

πŸ’œ#169 Essie “PHANTOM” Ro
Big Sxster: Pi #134 Tiara “QUANTUM” Hayakawa Cardwell

πŸ’œ#170 Abbey “INFINITUM” Worthington
Big Sxster: Pi #134 Tiara “QUANTUM” Hayakawa Cardwell

Much love to their Mom, Omicron #129 Cindy “Divinity” Nguyen. Congrats on your kiddos!Β ShoutoutΒ to our Reveal Coordinators Rho #144 Nicole “M!RAGE” Villanueva and Sigma #149 Audrey “SUPERNOVA” Ogoc for putting on such a memorable show!Β If you missed the reveal this past weekend, check out the FB Live here.

We LUV our oopsies so much and can’t wait to see what they bring to chapter, our council, and the greater community overall! Forever LnF, and welcome to our eternal sxsterhood.Β πŸ’œπŸ₯Ί


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