Welcome, P.S. Pi Class!


We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to those who came to our New Member reveal this past week! Introducing our Fall 2017 P.S. Pi Class:

#134 Tiara “QUANTUM” Cardwell
Big Sister: #117 Korinna “MOMENTUM” Abejuela

#135 Hailey “CAPTIVate” DeRigo
Big Sister: #112 Emily “SHOWstopper” Miloro

#136 Bonnie “LORITHIA” Liu
Big Sister: #114 Monica “KAILEENA” Ouano

#137 Ruth “resoLution” Martinez
Big Sister: #113 Joyce “medLey” Nimmo

#138 Nicky “skyLine” Zou
Big Sister: #108 Nini “atLas” Chiang


Congratulations to their New Member Educator, Mu #115 Sara “RhApsoDy” Preston and her team Kappa #101 Kylie “bALListic” Routson, Nu #118 Nina “ROSÉ” Cortes, and Xi #121 Nhu “REvivAL” Le. Additionally, thank you to their Reveal Coordinators Nu #120 Jillian “EM!NENCE” Silang and Xi #123 Jennifer “Énergique” Nguyen for your endless effort in making this performance perfect.

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