On behalf of the Alpha Delta chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, we would like to thank all those who attended our New Member Presentation this past weekend! We are so proud to introduce to you our Spring 2018 RnB Rho Class:
#139 Angelica “refLection” Alejo
Big Sister: #113 Joyce “medLey” Nimmo

#140 Minseo “hELIX” Bae
Big sister: #125 Melissa “zoDIAC” Vailikit

#141 Jennifer “MOSAIC” Estrellado
Big Sister: #117 Korinna “MOMENTUM” Abejuela

#142 Yuria “VictoiRe” Kusatake
Big Sister: #111 Candice “VeluRe” Luc

#143 Cathy “iLLustrious” Van
Big Sister: #119 Jessica “LUxe” Nguyen

#144 Nicole “M!RAGE” Villanueva
Big Sister: #120 Jillian “EM!NENCE” Silang

Congratulations to their New Member Educator, Kappa #101 Kylie “bALListic” Routson and her team Mu #111 Candice “VeluRe” Luc and Omicron #132 Kim “revere” Vo. Additonally, thank you to their Reveal Coordinators Xi #121 Nhu “REvivAL” Le  and Omicron #130 Angelica “Vezera”
 for your endless effort in making this performance perfect.

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